Container Garden Planters

So you want to have a raised garden bed or garden box but you do not want to build on the ground, or you have limited space?

Try container garden planters.

These planters can be crafted by you or you can purchase them premade. Here are some of the benefits of these…

You can grow a variety of vegetables in them, but you’ll need to choose the right size container and ensure it is strong enough to hold the weight of the plants and soil.

Container gardening allows you to place the garden planters anywhere, even on a balcony or on a patio. This makes them ideal for anyone who has limited space or lives in a confined urban area.

Choose those that have a cross slated bottom that holds in the soil but still allows air and water to pass through. Use a heavy duty permeable liner within it to protect the wood structure.

Because these are usually elevated, they are less susceptible to rot and water damage. They are also easier to work with, since you do not need to bend over or spend on your knees. They also tend to be a little smaller, which allows you to enjoy the gardening experience without having to commit to too much work.

wood raised garden beds

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