Raised Garden Bed Kits: What Should You Look For?

For those who want a raised garden bed without all of the work of putting one together, it is a good idea to consider raised garden bed kits. These kits come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own benefits. In short, you can choose the kit that’s right for your needs.

These kits often come with weather resistant materials. Look for those that contain cedar or redwood for the best resistance to mold growth, pests and overall weathering. Some are also constructed of composite material, which may be an option for you if you want the most durable product possible, or you are building your garden box in a damp or low lying area.

Look for those that have a mole or gopher system that prevents those pests from entering your garden. Some also offer rabbit proofed fences.

You will find some feature a built in irrigation system, which makes it simplistic to water and care for your garden.

Some will include trellises, or these may be available as an addition to the kit. This will allow you to hang your climbing vegetables freeing up more ground space and encouraging the plants to grow rapidly.

If you decide to purchase a raised garden beds kit, do follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for assembling it. Be sure that you use any additional materials, as the kit requires. In addition, if you plan to add to the kit’s standard size, purchase a kit that allows is contructed with expansion in mind.

Frame Material Choices

Raised garden bed kits can be purchased from a number of retailers, both on and offline. They are available in several different materials that include but are not limited to:

1) Cedar or other wood that is resistant to rot
2) Plastic
3) Stone
4) Hay
5) Straw

Two important things to keep in mind when choosing the material for raised garden bed kits is that the material should obviously not be consumed by rot quickly and that is fits within the aesthetics of what you have in mind.

Obviously, some materials are going to be easier to move around and to put together, so if you will be doing this alone and the combined weight of the materials could be a problem, you will want to choose something that is lighter weight.

Many senior citizens or people with mobility challenges have experienced success with plastic, straw or hay frames. However, it is unusual to buy existing raised garden bed kits that come with straw or hay. If that type of frame appeals to you, you might need to have someone make it for you as a custom order.

What Comes in the Kit?

The typical kit comes with everything that you will need to build the frame, regardless of manufacturer or price. This is going to include the materials necessary to build the frame as well as all of the related hardware.

The average person will probably be able to build their garden bed in a brief period of time, with as little as a Phillips screwdriver and a measuring tape. Some manufacturers have specifically designed their raised garden beds to not require any tools at all to put together, just a few minutes of your time.

It is important to note that the kit does not typically come with the soil. That gives you the opportunity to put the soil in that you want to use. There are many different choices available from a nursery and you may need to do some research to learn what the best soil will be to meet your needs.

Fruits and vegetables may need different types of soil then flowers would to prosper in, so knowing what you plan to grow will help you as you plan your raised garden bed. The soil that you choose will have an enormous impact on your crops.

Designing and Planning Your Raised Garden Bed

As you plan your raised garden bed, you should try to plan for future years as well. Hay or straw has an interesting look while it is in good condition, but when it breaks down it becomes unattractive very quickly. If you don’t mind trading hay or straw in each year, either of them would be a good choice. In addition, if someone has a logical expectation of developing the possibility of mobility problems in the future, using one of the raised garden bed kits that is taller may be a good idea. Another option is something that provides steps of varying height. This look allows someone to sit on the medium or tallest step to work, which could be a huge help.

Raised garden bed kits have come a long way from where they were only a decade or two ago. They now last longer, look better and are not homemade as they often were then. Because they are usually mass-produced, they have a visual appeal that could be difficult for a non-professional to replicate. Their price can range from extremely affordable to moderately expensive. Many yards,especially if the existing soil is not high-quality, boast two or more beds that have come from raised garden bed kits. Their appeal is easy to see and hard to dispute.

Raised garden bed kits are available from a number of sources online. See directly below for a listing of popular products available from Amazon.com, one of the Internet’s most trusted retailers…

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