Readymade Raised Garden Bed Kits

For those who want a raised garden bed without all of the work of putting one together, it is a good idea to consider raised garden bed kits. These kits come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own benefits. In short, you can choose the kit that’s right for your needs.

These kits often come with weather resistant materials. Look for those that contain cedar or redwood for the best resistance to mold growth, pests and overall weathering. Some are also constructed of composite material, which may be an option for you if you want the most durable product possible, or you are building your garden box in a damp or low lying area.

Look for those that have a mole or gopher system that prevents those pests from entering your garden. Some also offer rabbit proofed fences.

You will find some feature a built in irrigation system, which makes it simplistic to water and care for your garden.

Some will include trellises, or these may be available as an addition to the kit. This will allow you to hang your climbing vegetables freeing up more ground space and encouraging the plants to grow rapidly.

If you decide to purchase a raised garden bed kit, do follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for assembling it. Be sure that you use any additional materials, as the kit requires. In addition, if you plan to add to the kit’s standard size, purchase a kit that allows is contructed with expansion in mind.

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