Best and Cheapest Raised Garden Beds

Finding the best and cheapest raised garden beds depends upon the purchaser’s needs. After all, the best garden bed for one person would not be at all appropriate for another and the same is also true for the word “cheap”. However, in general there are some strong recommendations on the best and cheap garden beds.

In general, it is usually less expensive to buy the materials for a garden bed and make it yourself. Since making it from scratch isn’t hard, that’s is usually the way for budget-minded people to go. In this entry, we will be addressing ways to get the best and cheapest garden beds by building your own, as well as the ones that come in a kit.

Starting From Scratch

If you know what you’re looking for, and have any experience building small home projects, you are probably a good candidate for doing it on your own. In this situation, the cheapest garden bed could be made from material you already have around, or that you could obtain for free ( or for a very low cost) from someone you know. You could use pieces of heavy-duty plastic that are thrown out by builders, or even bricks or pieces of concrete. Some people have done very well, by using a plastic swimming pool (not the blow-up pool).

There has been a discussion recently about someone who used the empty, large salad dressing bottles from restaurants,( so five gallons or so), to create a border around their garden. I imagine it was not quite as pretty as cedar, but it was very environmentally responsible and free. Scrap lumber could also be used in this endeavor, as long as you are sure it wasn’t treated with any chemicals that could leak into your soil and effect your crops. Pallets that are going to be thrown out would make an ideal source for wood as well, and all it would cost you is an afternoon to break pallets down into usable wood.

Simple, Cheap Raised Garden Bed Kits

If you are careful with the choices you make, and do some shopping around to make sure you’re getting the best deal, you stand an excellent chance of getting a good deal on your raised garden bed. Looking for clearance, sale and going out of business items could save you a lot of money. The important part to this, though, is that you get a good quality item, which is why you’re looking for the best and cheap garden beds today, not just one or the other. offers some very inexpensive raised garden beds. Here is a sampling of what is available…

In order to save on shipping, you always have the option of looking at retail locations near you. At that time, employees might be able to tell you what people have told them about specific products and what may go on sale or on clearance in the near future. Never forget that the employees who handle plants and take care of customers all day will often know more about products like this than any expert.

Finding the best and cheap garden beds is a challenge for many people, but fortunately it is a challenge that is fun to meet. Experimenting with different mediums, hunting down a good price and finding what works for you is part of the process. You can put as much or as little effort into it as you would like, and by thinking outside the box, you might be able to come up with something that is almost free, very unique and entirely your own creation.

If that’s not what you would like, you always have the option of going to a retailer in your area, picking one out and going home to start your garden. Best, cheap, free, easy are just some of the options you have to choose from when you build your new garden bed.

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