Using Composite Material / Timber For Your Raised Garden Beds

Can you use composite material for your raised garden beds?

Of course, but composite materials are not all natural, so if this is a concern this is not the option for you.  This is not wood you are using, but it does create one of the most durable and weather resistant structures for your garden boxes and raised garden beds. In fact, many ready made raised garden bed kits are constructed from composite materials.

Benefits Of Using Composite Material for Your Raised Garden Beds

This product is made of a blend of materials (and each brand can have a different blend.) Mostly, it is made of wood fibers and a UV protected polypropylene material. Composite products are 100 recycled material – you are doing something great for the environment by using them.

When you use composite timber, raised garden beds will have more of durability. The ABS plastic resident joints make the corners and overall surface better protected from high impact.

The product is also impervious to rot and water damage.

If you want to construct or install a raised garden bed in an area that is damp, wet, low-laying, or experiences an extended period of flooding in the spring, composite material is probably the best route for you to go.

It is one of the easiest setups possible usually taking just minutes to put together (these systems usually snap or click together).

You will find numerous sizes and structure styles, although you will likely purchase a ready made kit for this raised bed design, and not build it from scratch yourself.

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